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Customized IT Recruitment for Profitable Service Expansion


A Technical Talent Partner Straight from the Industry

Some days, you may need a digital hammer. Other days, it’s a virtual saw or a drill. With The Bison Group, you can have access to a variety of specialized IT “tools” with just one contract. We can help you tap into specialists just when you need them and upsize your IT staffing for projects short-term or long.

That gets you the most IT ability without the costs of filling out your in-house staff or seeing turnover drag down project development.

What does this look like?

Consider some of the following examples of the sourcing and placements for companies: 

  • Vetted Freelance Delivery Engineers to help with specific projects or to provide deployment services while scaling up a new technology practice
  • Qualified Project Managers that understand engagement methodologies in IT services
  • Presales Engineering Architects to drive more gross profit for your business
  • Full-time IT Leaders to drive new technical projects and lead product initiatives
  • Operations Engineers for your managed service and help desk offerings
  • Full-time Delivery Engineers to join your team as a full-time employee

Talent for Project-based Work

Let Bison Group be your go-to for short-term or temporary technical talent in IT. Connect with professionals swiftly for skills such as cloud, cybersecurity, or ServiceNow.  Our vetted candidates ensure top-tier expertise on demand, keeping your projects on track and your business at the forefront of technology.

  • Technical Delivery
  • Project Management
  • Solution Design

Temp or Contract to Hire

Take advantage of our ability to fulfill your short-term needs while also facilitating a seamless transition to permanent hires when the perfect match is found.  Our extensive network of quality candidates encompasses a diverse range of expertise, ensuring that your company can swiftly adapt to evolving project requirements. 

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Stop-gap technical resources
  • Remote or Onsite technical talent


Permanent Talent Placement

Accelerate your placements for full-time, permanent IT roles. We help you find the ideal candidates who not only possess the required skills but also align with your culture and long-term objectives.  Our Best Fit Blueprint process ensures candidates who are not just qualified, but also motivated to contribute significantly to your organization's growth. 

  • Technical Vetting
  • Cultural-fit analysis
  • Incentive Packages to align with your objectives

You Can Count On These Benefits


Up and Running Faster

No wasted time getting up to speed. Our leadership ran an IT services firm for over 15 years, we understand the challenges in running a profitable operation in both professional services and managed services


Placements that Last

Don't worry about a long list of half-qualified candidates or cultural misfits. We're dedicated to the Best Fit Blueprint process and helping you hire and onboard talent for the long run. 


Flexibility for Your Budget

With a variety of options available, our expert team can step in at any point in the journey and drive value for you. From short-term to long-term placements, and even consulting, use us as your guide in leveling up. 

Ready to Join the Team? Let's Work Together!